CAT Squared is excited to welcome Sr. Support Manager Joseph Ganann to our team. Over the coming months, our customers will get to know Joseph well during our customer focus calls. Below is a message from Joseph explaining his overall philosophy to customer care:
"Customer service should take a human-centric approach rather than an issue-centric approach. Our customers are not the summation of their cases; they are the people which we have the pleasure to serve daily. Ultimately, performing our responsibilities to the highest degree ensures success for our customers. We are going to achieve another level of customer service in the following ways:
  1. Increasing the size and diversity of our customer support team to reinforce the growth of CAT2 as a global company.
  2. Implementing new case-management software, which will decrease administrative overhead for the support staff.
  3. Modifying our case-submission process for our users, allowing us to capture more information with less back-and-forth.
  4. New development initiatives to increase throughput on case closures and decrease overall case totals.
  5. New customer-support processes that will increase our accountability to our customers and allow more cases to be completed in a shorter amount of time.
  6. Continue our customer focus calls with our clients to ensure we are communicating effectively; but with an added focus to increase our communication in between touch points.
In the coming months, this newsletter will follow-up on these initiatives with concrete details of what we’ve been able to accomplish. Stay tuned!"
Prior to joining the CAT Squared team, Joseph earned a B.S. in accounting from the University of Central Arkansas and transitioned from accounting to software development in 2013. Joseph is skilled in business finance, communication, strategy and design, project management, and project scope development. Joseph is a huge baseball fanatic and enjoys BBQing and cooking for friends and family.
Joseph can be reached via email at