BARCELONA, SPAIN — Alimentaria FoodTech 2023 witnessed the impressive showcase of CYNERGY™, a collaborative effort between CAT Squared and Meyn. While Meyn's expertise primarily focuses on first processing in poultry production, CAT Squared's MES software solution covers a broader spectrum of functionalities: managing first processing, secondary processing, and further processing in meat, poultry, and RTC/RTE (ready-to-cook/ready-to-eat) food production.

Key Highlights:

Poultry Processing Excellence: Meyn's state-of-the-art poultry processing equipment is valued for its precision, speed, and reliability. By optimizing first-processing operations, Meyn delivers increased profitability and lays the foundation for high-quality poultry products.

Comprehensive Software Solutions: CAT Squared's MES software solution goes beyond first processing, extending its capabilities to secondary processing and further processing in various food production segments (meat, poultry, RTC/RTE).

Real-time Data Insights: The integration of CAT Squared's software suite with Meyn's equipment provides real-time data insights across the entire production process, from first processing to final product, delivering actionable information to boost efficiency and reduce waste.

Traceability and Compliance: CYNERGY™ demonstrated its robust traceability solutions, allowing food manufacturers to track product origin, monitor quality metrics, and ensure compliance with industry regulations throughout the production journey.

AI-driven Efficiency: CYNERGY™'s AI-driven insights, powered by the CYNERGY™ Cloud, optimize equipment performance, reducing operational costs, and extending the lifespan of processing machinery.

Vernon Smith, CEO at CAT Squared, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "Our combined success at Alimentaria FoodTech reaffirms our commitment to providing a comprehensive solution that transforms the food production landscape. We're empowering manufacturers in various food segments to embrace automation, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making."

Eric-Jan Radstake, Chief Innovation Officer at Meyn, concurred, "This collaboration allows us to focus on our strength in first processing while seamlessly integrating with CAT Squared's extensive capabilities in secondary and further processing. Together, we are reshaping food production for the better."

The Future of Food Production

The CYNERGY™ showcase at Alimentaria FoodTech 2023 offered a glimpse into the future of food production. This fully integrated platform developed by CAT Squared and Meyn broadens the horizons of possibilities for food manufacturers across the spectrum.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore this groundbreaking solution and discover how CYNERGY™ can revolutionize your food production operations. Contact us for more information and to schedule a demonstration.

About CAT Squared:

CAT Squared is a trusted provider of advanced MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software solutions for the food and beverage manufacturing industry. The company's software suite empowers food manufacturers with real-time data insights, traceability solutions, and predictive analytics to optimize production processes, enhance food safety, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

About Meyn:

Meyn is a leading global supplier of innovative poultry processing solutions, offering a comprehensive range of equipment and services to poultry processors worldwide. With a commitment to excellence, Meyn's cutting-edge technology and reliable machinery set the industry standard, ensuring efficient operations in poultry production.

Kathy Barbeire

Written by Kathy Barbeire

Kathy Barbeire is a seasoned professional with a strong track record in leveraging new technology, data analysis, and storytelling to drive organizational success. As the marketing manager at CAT Squared since 2015, Kathy stays updated on industry trends to ensure our products remain adaptable to evolving standards and prepares our customers for disruptive technologies. She actively participates in a blockchain learning group associated with Blockchain for Arkansas (BC4AR), an initiative led by Governor Asa Hutchinson. Kathy's expanding knowledge and expertise enable her to create informative content that educates our supply chain partners and helps them navigate upcoming transitions. Kathy's educational background includes graduating magna cum laude from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in professional and technical writing, along with double minors in sociology and information technology. She later completed the MBA program at UALR. Prior to joining CAT Squared, Kathy applied her passion for data-driven storytelling to assist nonprofits in defining goals, tracking program metrics, and engaging donors and community stakeholders. She served as a program manager at the Our House Homeless Shelter in Little Rock and later at The Salvation Army Central Arkansas Area Command.