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Live Bird Weighing Manufacturing-Software Module

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Live Bird Weighing (LBW)

LBW is designed for poultry processing plants and facilitates the weighing process for rendering and finished product trucks and enforces an allowed variance amount before printing a BOL for the outgoing trucks.

CAT Squared’s Live Bird Weighing (LBW) manufacturing software application allows scale house operators to capture weights directly from truck scales and record live haul information including times, growers, crews, truck, trailer, driver, catch count, and other observations for each load. As trucks are received, the kill schedule is updated, and lots are created for tracking the birds through the live hang queue, on-line inspection, and pre-chill processes.



  • Adheres to all guidelines set by the USDA Packers and Stockyards Program
  • Begins yield analysis by capturing live incoming and yard shrink weights
  • Tracks incoming and processed weight and integrates with grower systems for settlements
  • Keeps every department in first processing up-to-date on truck arrivals, bird weights, and incoming lots
  • Is part of a complete manufacturing software solution for poultry processors



  • Records farm statistics such as grower, house, and feed withdraw time
  • Records information for weather conditions, trucks, trailers, drivers, and catch crews
  • Records live weights and yard shrink weights
  • Assigns a lot number for traceability through first processing
  • Integrates with existing truck scales
  • Can weigh other incoming trucks and outgoing finished-product trucks to validate against expected weight ranges