First-Processing Solutions


CAT Squared's manufacturing software is designed to manage the plant floor of harvest facilities for beef, pork, poultry, lamb, and fish. Our system is hardware-agnostic, giving our customers flexibility on hardware selection.

For poultry primary processing, our software seamlessly integrates into Meyn's processing machinery, providing real-time, end-to-end control of the plant floor.


Fully Integrated Plant-Floor System

Our first-processing solution consists of the following modules that empower our customers with real-time data collection on the plant floor, reporting for production and inventory, and farm-to-fork traceability.

Integrated Live Bird Weighing software for poultry processing

Live Bird Weighing

Tracks incoming and processed weight and integrates with grower systems for settlements

Integrated Live Bird Receiving Software for poultry processing plants

Live Bird Receiving

Collects and manages meaningful production-related data from EV lines in real-time

Integrated Live Animal Receiving meat processing manufacturing software

Live Animal Receiving

Begins yield analysis by capturing live incoming weights and captures data for settlements

Live-Fish-Receiving processing manufacturing software

Live Fish Receiving

Captures gross weights from each grower, facilitating better traceability and improved yield management

Carcass Tracking meat processing manufacturing software

Carcass Tracking

Manages yield improvement by tracking yield from each carcass side through cut-up

Poultry Inspection-Disposition Data Collection Software

Inspection | Disposition

Collects on-line inspection defect data by inspector, line, lot, grower, and station

Poultry overhead sizing integration

Overhead Sizing

Integrates with existing sizing and distribution systems to collect counts, weights, and grades of birds entering and exiting chillers