Improve Traceability, Yield, Compliance

Cook-to-Chill Process Control

Benchmarking system manages RTC | RTE processes, maximizing yield and improving quality consistency


Cook-to-Chill Process Control for Meat Processors

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Cook-Chill Process Control

CAT Squared’s Cook-Chill Process Control system manages ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat processes from receipt to pack out, providing yield data for analysis and reporting. All meat, spices, and dry goods are received, issued, and tracked through mixing, cooking, cooling, packing, and rework, providing real-time inventory control, progress for customer orders, and complete forward and backward traceability in case of a recall.

The weight of the product is measured at multiple points along the process flow, capturing yield gain and loss. Product handling units (e.g. racks, trees, trolleys, etc.) are serialized and tracked throughout the process as the products transform, and operators can palletize the product and record pallet weights before positioning them for storage or further processing.

Real-time reporting is available for finished products as well as for raw ingredient inventory, work-in-progress, and lot yield. Yield reports also help identify where loss is occurring during production, enabling management to improve processes and save money.


  • Captures weights to calculate yield gains and losses for process analysis in real-time
  • Improves quality consistency in the final product
  • Maintains traceability from manufacturing through pack-out
  • Reduces waste


  • Tracks meat blocks and mix lots through cooking and cooling as well, scanning each product and rack/tree movement for traceability and inventory control
  • Includes real-time reporting for all plant-floor transactions
  • Includes full, instant traceability information for a comprehensive recall