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Batch Mixing

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Batch Mixing & Recipe Control for Meat Manufacturing

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Consistent Batch Mixing

CAT Squared’s Batch Mixing application enforces recipes set in a product’s specification. Operators scan and weigh raw meat and other ingredients as they are added to a batch, creating traceability records and ensuring that the correct amounts of the correct ingredients are being used. The Batch Mixing module reduces operator errors and ensures consistency and accuracy in the mixing process.

The application tracks ingredients by date and lot number from receiving through production to shipping, allowing plants to pinpoint loss, increase yield, and manage recalls. Ingredients are verified against purchase orders and received into inventory, where they can then be mixed using pre-set formulations. 


  • Enforces product formulations, BOMs, and recipes used in batch or continuous manufacturing
  • Validates ingredient usage against product formulation, allowable substitutes, and product expiration dates
  • Tracks ingredient usage in batch or continuous mixing, enabling plants to have complete, instantaneous traceability for recalls
  • Automatically tracks ingredient consumption, yield, injection pickup, and material variance
  • Houses real-time inventory, movement, consumption, and write-off information for all raw ingredients and pre-mixes.


  • Utilizes hand-held devices on the plant floor to scan and mix spices
  • Features daily bills of material for up to ten weeks of production, including reports for planned versus used goods
  • Manages product batch formulas, including recipe sequence and combinations of ingredients
  • Includes real-time reporting for all plant-floor transactions
  • Includes full, instant traceability information for a comprehensive recall