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Live Bird Receiving Manufacturing-Software Module

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Live Bird Receiving Manufacturing Software for Poultry Processing Plants

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Live Bird Receiving (LBR)

CAT Squared’s Live Bird Receiving (LBR) application allows evisceration departments to collect and manage meaningful production-related data in real-time, including trucks’ waiting time in fan bays, DOAs, line speeds, efficiencies, and downtime.

Live Bird Weighing seamlessly transfers lot information to LBR, and LBR, in turn, transfers lot information to CAT Squared’s on-line Inspection and Disposition application. LBR also tracks grower data including average bird weight, DOAs, rejects, farm condemns, and yields across all deliveries and generates profiles to rank growers by performance.



  • Continues yield analysis from Live Bird Weighing by capturing average bird weights and actual reject weights for each lot
  • Keeps every department in first processing up-to-date on bird counts, load progress, DOA numbers, line speeds, and downtime
  • Generates detailed grower performance profiles, allowing companies to choose the best growers
  • Continues product traceability through evisceration
  • Seamlessly integrates with Live Bird Weighing and on-line Inspection and Disposition programs
  • Enables automated data collection



  • Allows plants to set hang queue order and priority
  • Shows real-time progress of waiting and processed loads
  • Integrates with on-line bird counters to record lot statistics such as bird counts, shackle fill, DOA numbers, reject counts, and reject weights, which affect yields
  • Records accurate line speeds, efficiency percentages, and downtime data
  • Tracks lots through first processing to ensure traceability