Sheridan Brewer

Sheridan Brewer

Sheridan joined CAT Squared in May 2021 as an Implementation Specialist. Sheridan graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2016 with an honors B.S. degree in microbiology with a minor in neuroscience. During undergrad, he contributed to numerous biological research projects ranging from Parkinson’s Disease genetics at the Mayo Clinic to hydraulic fracturing bioremediation at Oak Ridge National Lab and continued to work on environmental research projects at ORNL after graduation. Sheridan then attended graduate school at the University of Georgia where he completed an innovative research project on the viability of foodborne pathogens and shifting microbiota in fermenting foods. After graduating from UGA with an M.S. in food safety in 2019, he went to work at Land O’ Frost deli meat processor as a food safety supervisor. During his time at Land O’ Frost, he worked to incorporate most of the plant’s FSQ paperwork into an electronic database and digital tracking system. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring the outdoors, watching the Tennessee Vols play, and drinking beers in new places.

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Are Meat Processors Prepared for the Extinction of the UPC Barcode?

By Sheridan Brewer on Apr 5, 2022 5:19:30 PM

By 2027, retailers must be able to scan a 2D barcode to retrieve the GTIN-12 (UPC) data string in addition to the linear, 1D EAN/UPC barcode that is commonly used today for pricing information at checkout. This does not mean the linear UPC barcode will go away entirely, but product suppliers will be able to choose between using a 2D barcode or both barcodes on their POS items.

The rollout of the 2D barcode requirement is supported through Sunrise 2027, a new initiative from GS1 US – a neutral, not-for-profit organization that develops internationally recognizable supply chain standards.

Topics: food traceability supply chain software labeling system weigh and label system inventory accuracy waste prevention