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Supply Chain Traceability Platform



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FoodTrace Traceability Platform

It takes an ecosystem of partners to move products from the farm to a consumer’s kitchen. CAT Squared FoodTrace ensures that there is full traceability that fulfills regulatory and consumer demands, and full transparency that drives end-to-end operational excellence and efficiency.

CAT Squared’s FoodTrace solution is a GS1- and EPCIS-based event repository, already tracking billions of data points today. It enables the asynchronous capture of critical supply chain tracking events occurring on the farm, to processors and distributors, and all the way to retail consumers.

FoodTrust consists of four modules designed for each audience group accessing the platform:

  1. Processor Portal: Includes easy-to-use UI (user interface) for our food-processing customers to configure their settings, providing different levels of data access to each audience. This is also where dashboards can be configured, offering a complete view of plant-floor production data as well as supply chain data.
  2. Supplier Portal: Provides an interface for suppliers to upload data for traceability.
  3. Retail Portal: Gives retailers access to select data for mock recalls and freshness tracking.
  4. Consumer Portal: Shows select traceability and freshness data to consumers via scanning the product QR code with their mobile device. It also allows manufacturers to offer coupon discounts and view data on what products are being scanned at which retail outlet.

Our API configuration enables the seamless and efficient capture of any digital signal that occurs through the life cycle of a product. Its extensible nature and customizable feature set allow for the creation and capture of critical tracking events at every point in a product’s life cycle, tailored to each of our customer’s unique requirements.

Our FoodTrace MESH application takes this further and allows for the sharing of data across supply chain players, enhancing demand, supply, and capacity planning and synchronization.


  • Eliminates bottlenecks to optimize the supply chain
  • Enhances brand trust by building a reputation for safety, quality, and transparency
  • Ensures safety and regulatory compliance
  • Monitors data related to a brand's sustainability goals
  • Improves freshness tracking to better determine a product's remaining shelf life
  • Facilitates interoperability across traceability platforms (including blockchain and other distributed ledger solutions) by applying GS1-EPCIS-based standards
  • Facilitates the tracking of products and materials in real-time
  • Employs proven technology currently tracking 20 billion products per year globally


  • Includes full, instant traceability information for a comprehensive recall
  • Employs a flexible event model, allowing for customized capture of unlimited data elements based on customer processes
  • Applies GS1-EPCIS-based standards
  • Allows asynchronous event-data processing
  • Complies with any L5 (government repository reporting requirements) in any country globally
  • Ingests and integrates any data generated digitally throughout the product lifecycle (such as RFID tags, IoT devices, barcode scanning)
  • Employs a team of software engineers and developers dedicated to continually enhancing the product