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Primary Yield

Automated yield tracking and reporting with ERP integration for meat and poultry processors


Real-time automated yield reporting with ERP integration for meat processors

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Primary Yield

CAT Squared’s Primary Yield reporting solution tracks and analyzes gains, losses, and processing performance throughout processing plants. Yield can be captured plant-wide or by department and begins with incoming live weights and yard shrink; more real-time data is collected as carcasses enter and exit the chiller and proceed through deboning and further processing.

The Debone Yield application allows companies to improve yield and efficiencies specifically in their deboning departments. The application records incoming weights, outgoing component weights, as well as meat-on-frame scrape check data, identifying where loss is occurring in the debone process.

CAT Squared's solutions provide management with a real-time view of line speeds, efficiencies, weights, and product loss, and CAT Squared’s plant-floor scoreboards facilitate real-time feedback to associates, enabling them to improve yields in real-time.


  • Enables floor personnel to proactively improve yield
  • Identifies and reduces product loss
  • Increases revenue with increased yield and throughput
  • Utilizes real-time reporting so management can view live plant-floor performance


  • Integrates with hopper scales for real-time weights
  • Calculates yield by plant, department, and component
  • Captures the percentage of meat left on the frame via scrape checks
  • Displays real-time yield data on the plant floor and ranks debone lines by component yield percent, efficiency, quality checks, and throughput