The CAT Squared User Summit is designed to add value to food production operations by sharing best practices in the industry for adopting new technology in manufacturing processes. This year's Summit will be hosted at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute atop Petit Jean Mountain. The Institute provides an inspiring, secluded, historic setting to learn, connect, and innovate. This year's theme is Accelerating Continuous Improvement by Applying Industry 4.0 to Protein Production. Here are the top five reasons meat and poultry processors should attend the User Summit:

5. Collaborate and Network with Industry Peers

The CAT Squared User Summit brings together an array of representatives from the meat and poultry processing industry. Our Summit includes content for executive decision-makers as well as end-users from the plant floor. Each attendee represents a unique perspective—they have their own way of managing their business and utilizing our software. By convening with fellow users, attendees gain valuable insight into how other companies are leveraging CAT Squared's manufacturing software to bring value to their operations. This is also an opportunity for users to share tips and tricks to improve their overall use of the platform.

4. Learn about Current Development Priorities and Active Projects

Another benefit of attending the Summit is that users can learn more about current development priorities and active projects. During the Summit, attendees receive an overview of new features, potential software enhancements, and new proposed system functionality.


3. Discuss Industry Best Practices to Drive Continuous Improvement in Your Operations

CAT Squared is more than just a software company. The real value of our solution is that it delivers real-time visibility into our customers' plant-floor processes so they can make better decisions and continuously improve their performance. The Summit features customer presentations demonstrating best practices they uncovered after adopting CAT Squared's processing solutions. Information users glean from these discussions plays a contributing role in streamlining processes and procedures at their respective operations.


2. Stay on the Leading Edge of Industry Developments

The User Summit features industry experts presenting the latest news in regulatory policies, technology advancements, and Industry 4.0 adoption. This year's lineup includes topics related to the application of AI and machine learning to meat processing, supply chain optimization using distributed ledger technology, and the latest news from the North American Meat Institute (NAMI); including a special update related to NAMI's data-collection efforts as part of its Protein PACT initiative.


1. Feel Inspired and Connected with Others from Your Industry

The most common feedback we receive from our Summit is the value attendees find in the sense of camaraderie with others from their industry. Having been to many trade shows and industry events over the years, there is really no other atmosphere like that of the User Summit. The inspiring location at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institue atop Petit Jean Mountain creates an intimate setting where real conversations can happen. The Summit is more than just a networking opportunity. It's a relationship-building opportunity. Building strong relationships with industry peers improves performance, increases collaboration, and supports professional growth. Whether it's sharing a beer around the outdoor firepit, taking a group hike to the base of Cedar Falls, or fishing with friends on Lake Abby, no other industry event creates a sense of connection and trust like the User Summit.

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Kathy Barbeire

Written by Kathy Barbeire

Kathy Barbeire is a seasoned professional with a strong track record in leveraging new technology, data analysis, and storytelling to drive organizational success. As the marketing manager at CAT Squared since 2015, Kathy stays updated on industry trends to ensure our products remain adaptable to evolving standards and prepares our customers for disruptive technologies. She actively participates in a blockchain learning group associated with Blockchain for Arkansas (BC4AR), an initiative led by Governor Asa Hutchinson. Kathy's expanding knowledge and expertise enable her to create informative content that educates our supply chain partners and helps them navigate upcoming transitions. Kathy's educational background includes graduating magna cum laude from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in professional and technical writing, along with double minors in sociology and information technology. She later completed the MBA program at UALR. Prior to joining CAT Squared, Kathy applied her passion for data-driven storytelling to assist nonprofits in defining goals, tracking program metrics, and engaging donors and community stakeholders. She served as a program manager at the Our House Homeless Shelter in Little Rock and later at The Salvation Army Central Arkansas Area Command.