CAT Squared is proud to announce a new partnership with  AIMMS, an award-winning vendor of Prescriptive Analytics software, and UniSoma, a leading provider of Advanced Planning solutions. The partnership will enable AIMMS, UniSoma and CAT Squared to provision prescriptive analytics applications for food processing and production companies.

CAT Squared customers include leading enterprises in beef, pork, chicken, turkey, seafood, and produce processing and handling. These companies are already collecting real-time data from the plant floor, and are equipped with real-time reporting for production and inventory, and farm-to-fork traceability.

AIMMS helps organizations make better decisions through modeling, optimization and data visualization. With AIMMS technology, customers can easily adjust and optimize their strategy and operations by creating apps that support their people. AIMMS’s mission is to bring the benefits of prescriptive analytics, modeling and optimization to business and society.

UniSoma’s expert consultants are experienced at working with global companies in the food industry as well. Through UniSoma's existing partnership with AIMMS, the companies have enabled food industry giants like Marfrig and JBS to develop planning apps that generate significant business value.

The initial solution developed through this new partnership will be a tactical planning application for customers that use CAT Squared solutions to monitor and manage data. The AIMMS PRO platform and CAT Squared’s software suite will be tightly integrated to empower customers with a better planning tool. Supported by UniSoma’s knowledge in optimization models and in leveraging existing data, these companies will be better equipped to overcome barriers in traditional MRP systems by truly representing the dissembling process characteristics of the business and ensuring that planning decisions have a substantial positive effect on their margin.

Vernon Smith, CEO of CAT Squared, said: "CAT Squared’s manufacturing execution systems (MES) already provide plant management with real-time data, empowering them to drive continuous improvement in their operations. We have helped our customers drive considerable ROI in a very short period of time through improvements in yields and efficiencies, reduction of downtime and improvements in traceability and recall capabilities."

Smith continues: "Our solutions provide excellent control over the shop floor data, but the missing piece of the puzzle has always been the ability to manage and optimize the complex process of production planning and scheduling. By integrating the power of CAT Squared’s MES solution with Unisoma’s experience delivering planning and optimization solutions for the food industry and utilizing the AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics capabilities, we will be able to model the complex processes within the manufacturing facility and generate an optimized production schedule, highlighting bottlenecks and surpluses and maximizing profit. This powerful tool will allow our customers to not only optimize their production scheduling and the utilization of their production facilities, but also react in real time to changes in both supply and demand."

Luis Pinto, UniSoma's Partner, said: "This alliance of solutions empowers food industry players to make better and more consistent business decisions by taking the next step in analytics to transform real-time data into optimized planning recommendations. The outcomes are impressive in terms of competitive advantage and financial results."

Gertjan de Lange, AIMMS SVP Connecting Business & Optimization, said: "We are excited about this alliance. Through our joined strengths in software, consulting and solution delivery, we are confident that we can deliver a suite of Prescriptive Analytics Apps for CAT Squared customers that will drastically improve their business."

About CAT Squared

CAT Squared was founded in 1995 and is based in Conway, Arkansas, with a Latin American office in Celaya, Mexico. Our customers span 6 continents and include 60% of the top 50 meat and poultry companies in North America. CAT Squared specializes in innovative software solutions designed specifically for the food industry including beef, pork, chicken, turkey, seafood, produce, primary processing, and further processing plants. Learn more at

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About UniSoma

UniSoma is a pioneer and leading provider of Supply Chain Advanced Planning and Complex Scheduling solutions. With more than 30 years of experience, UniSoma helps leading global companies improve profitability by optimizing complex decision processes with tailor-made advanced analytics models.

Committed to fast delivery of financial ROI, UniSoma’s experts utilize big data and mathematical algorithms to develop tools to predict behavior and prescribe the best possible solution for each problem.

Serving many of the top global companies, UniSoma has enhanced several business areas, among which agribusiness, cement, energy, manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, pulp and paper, retail, steel and metal production and textile, always with a personalized and result-driven approach.

UniSoma will help your company improve complex decisions and optimize planning to generate substantial and permanent results.

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The AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform helps you evaluate and identify the best options to tackle your most pressing challenges with sophisticated analytics that leverage mathematical modeling and scenarios while pulling from multiple data sources. You can immediately gauge, not just what is likely to happen, but what you should do about it for the best possible outcome.

Whether you seek to improve your strategy, planning, operations or transform your entire supply chain, AIMMS software is the ideal combination of being tailored to your unique situation paired with speed to value (ROI). That's why teams at Shell, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Heineken and many more fire up AIMMS every day.

With billions of dollars saved driven by more informed decision-making the value is undeniable. The pace of business requires less talk, more action and empowered, confident employees with the right intelligence at their fingertips. If you want high business impact at unprecedented speed, you need AIMMS.

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Written by Kathy Barbeire

Throughout my career, I’ve helped organizations think of creative ways to (1) harness new technology to maximize effectiveness, (2) collect relevant data to measure and improve performance, and (3) use data to tell compelling stories to customers and stakeholders. In 2015, I became CAT Squared’s marketing manager. In this role, I monitor industry trends to (1) ensure our products are flexible enough to adapt to new industry standards and (2) prepare our customers for new technologies with the potential to disrupt the industry. I’ve represented CAT Squared as a participant in a blockchain learning group that has grown out of Blockchain for Arkansas (BC4AR), an initiative launched by Governor Asa Hutchinson to promote capacity building around blockchain technology. As my own knowledge and capacity grow, I develop new content to educate our supply chain partners and help them prepare for the transition ahead. Prior to launching my career, I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in professional and technical writing and a double minor in sociology and information technology. I later returned to UALR and completed the MBA program. Before joining CAT Squared, I applied my passion for data-driven storytelling to help nonprofits define their goals, track program metrics, and engage donors and community stakeholders in their missions to fight hunger, poverty, and homelessness, first as a program manager for the Our House Homeless Shelter in Little Rock, and then at The Salvation Army Central Arkansas Area Command.