Manufacturing & Further-Processing Solutions


CAT Squared's manufacturing software tracks real-time production, throughput, schedule attainment, and give-away metrics while tracking work-in-progress, rework, and finished goods. Our system also ensures that comprehensive traceability is enforced through every process step.

Further Processing Manufacturing OEE

Fully Integrated Plant-Floor System

Our further-processing solution supports both disassembly and traditional batch manufacturing processes with full ERP integration. Our manufacturing platform consists of the following modules:

Batch Mixing Process Control Software Improves Quality Assurance for More Consistent Batches

Batch Mixing

Eliminates operator errors and ensures consistency and accuracy in the mixing process

Cook Chill Process Control


Manages RTC and RTE processes from receipt to pack out, providing yield data for analysis and reporting

Production Control

Production Control

Optimizes production plans based on orders and priority rules, then monitors real-time production against those plans

Labeling software solutions

Labeling | Palletizing

Design and manage label formats with box-end, consumer unit, and weigh-price labeling functionality