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Direct Store Delivery System (DSD)

Part of a Modular Traceability & Inventory Management Solution for Food Processors with ERP Integration


DSD Direct Store Delivery System enables product traceability with ERP integration

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Direct Store Delivery

CAT Squared’s Direct Store Delivery (DSD) system integrates into a company’s ERP, CRM, and WMS systems reconciling financial and inventory data.

Drivers who leave the plant with orders are equipped with a hand-held device loaded with delivery, inventory, and customer information. When the drivers make deliveries, they scan the items off the truck, get sign-off confirmation from the recipient, and print a receipt for the customer.

These transactions can be updated in real-time using GPRS, or the drivers can upload the information using wireless networks. GPRS integration also allows a central office to view truck locations, times at each point, and real-time progress. Updates and notifications can be pushed to the device in real-time, as orders change. A close-day process reconciles financial and inventory data and sends the information to the WMS and ERP systems.

DSD also provides an easy method for resolving incorrect orders or customer disputes. If a customer disputes the weight labeled on the product or needs to change the order, the driver can record variances with an explanation and process order changes along the route. As the driver scans each box of product and processes each payment, transactions can be updated in real-time using GPRS, or if cellular communication is not available, the data is stored within the mobile device’s local database and reconciled when the driver completes his/her route. DSD saves time and provides complete traceability of products through the delivery process.


  • Facilitates suggested or enforced picking using FIFO or LIFO
  • Reduces shipping errors and increases customer confidence
  • Improves speed of order completion
  • Provides quick dispute resolution
  • Ensures product meets age-restriction requirements for each customer
  • Facilitates load management and picking by customer and by order
  • Works in conjunction with other CAT Squared modules to provide complete, instantaneous traceability for recalls
  • Integrates with existing ERP systems


  • Includes digital signatures
  • Manages load documents and bills-of-lading
  • Includes customer-specific pallet label support and customer return (RMA) support
  • Facilitates real-time route tracking
  • Includes the ability to print invoices and pick lists
  • Supports intercompany transfers, multi-warehouse, and external warehouse
  • Can record variances and process order changes
  • Data can be used to create KPIs and Dashboards
  • Enhances product traceability