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MES Receiving Software

Part of a Modular Inventory Management Solution for Food Processors with WMS and ERP Integration


Manufacturing Receiving Software for Food Processors with ERP integration

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MES Receiving Module

CAT Squared’s Receiving application integrates with a plant’s ERP system to receive dry goods, spices, and raw meat into the plant.

All incoming items are received against production orders, labeled with a unique bar code, and placed into storage or issued to a department or production line. Touchscreen and hand-held computers are used to track the movement and consumption of all meat, dry goods, and spices in the plant, ensuring complete traceability and a real-time inventory.


  • Seamlessly integrates with ERP systems to receive goods against POs, conduct transactions on the plant floor, and send data back to the ERP system
  • Creates a real-time on-hand inventory so items are only ordered when needed, reducing waste and saving money
  • Tracks placement, movement, and consumption, enabling plants to have complete, instantaneous traceability for recalls


  • Allows plants to receive and label raw meat, dry goods, and spices using hand-held and touchscreen computers
  • Allows personnel to issue to a department or production line as well as receive unused items back into inventory
  • Includes real-time inventory reports for raw meat, dry goods, and spices
  • Facilitates the physical inventory process with variance reports and write-offs
  • Integrates with CAT Squared's FSQM module with a customizable hold system to restrict product movements, such as placing the product on positive-release hold upon receipt
  • Includes full, instant traceability information for a comprehensive recall