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TACTICALOPS Production Planning & Optimization Software

Part of a Modular Manufacturing Optimization Solution for Food Processors with ERP Integration


TacticalOps Production Planning Manufacturing Optimization Softare

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TACTICALOPS Planning & Optimization

CAT Squared’s TACTICALOPS Planning & Optimization Software models the complex processes within the manufacturing facility and generates an optimized production schedule, highlighting bottlenecks and surpluses and maximizing profit with production analytics. This powerful tool allows our customers to not only optimize their production scheduling and the utilization of their production facilities but also react in real-time to changes in both supply and demand.

What differentiates TacticalOps from other planning-and-optimization tools in the industry is its intuitive design and industry focus. Most similar tools represent additive manufacturing processes designed for automotive or aerospace industries. TacticalOps is aligned to the unique disassembly process for the meat industry. This alignment creates an intuitive tool allowing users to create a virtual representation of their real processes in their plant and run various optimization scenarios on those processes.

In the virtual environment, users can make adjustments in cut-up and disassembly or assembly processes, adjusting capacities and resources. Those scenarios are then run through a mathematical model using the limitations and constraints established by the user. The scenario references data tables across the company’s platform (ERP, CRM, WMS, etc.) using historical data to aid in decision making.

This exciting planning & optimization tool empowers food manufacturers with the ability to capture and manage real-time data from the plant floor and, using prescriptive analytics, make better decisions. The resulting benefits include increased production efficiencies and improvements in planning accuracy.


  • Optimizes production plans and resource utilization to maximize profitability
  • Determines best sales mix given production constraints (Example: Resource constraints, absenteeism)
  • Anticipates production imbalances, minimizing waste (Example: What to do with WIP with no final product)
  • Anticipates supply issues before they happen (Example: Resource shortage for a premium product)
  • Controls how resources are processed according to product specifications
  • Provides visibility and optimization of bottlenecks


  • Integrates with existing systems to model historical data
  • Allows for limitless simulations
  • Simulates flexible-demand scenarios
  • Includes tools for yield analysis and bottleneck analysis (Resource Utilization Report)
  • Allows for multiple methods of determining aggregate demand, either by using historical data or by using sales orders to model near-future data
  • Optimizes by either push or pull scenarios (Example: Pull scenario where manufacturers are processing orders and filling that demand | Push Scenario where ingredients and supplies must be allocated to the best product mix)