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Labeling | Pack-out | Palletizing

Automated system prevents labeling errors, improves traceability, minimizes downtime


Automated Labeling Solution for Pack-out and Palletizing enforces GS1 Traceability Standards

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Labeling | Pack-out | Palletizing

CAT Squared’s Label Manager application allows plants to design and manage any number of label formats, customized by product, customer, or batch run. Our labeling systems retrieve data from SQL database fields and support GS1 traceability and UCC barcode standards as well as RFID.

First, labels are created in an industry-standard design application such as BarTender. This easy-to-use designer allows users to customize fonts, images, bar codes, database fields, languages, layout, positioning, and other design elements.

Once the labels are designed, they are exported to CAT Squared’s Label Manager and associated with products. Labels can be managed at a central location and replicated down to plants, which prevents labeling errors and variations between locations. Labels can also be given an active date for when the labels should be put into production.

Pack-out and Palletizing solutions extend from manual to high-speed automated in-motion weigh-and-label systems. Our in-motion systems include automatic print-and-apply and label verification functions, which allow plants to weigh and label more than 30 cases per minute with no operator intervention. The weigh-price labeling option is available for labeling variable-weight items.
Mobile wireless scale/printer combinations are available for packing out products not run on the in-line labeling system. Store-and-forward technology allows each labeling station to run without continuous network connectivity, ensuring minimum downtime and maximum throughput.

Production data can be integrated into the Production Control Module, providing a real-time view of production, yield, and give-away. When utilized in conjunction with the Warehouse Management System, complete control of product movement, inventories, and traceability is possible. Management can view real-time reporting and data visualization via the Executive Dashboard application for single- or multi-plant monitoring.


  • Complies with GS1 Sunrise 2027 requirement to adopt 2D barcodes by 2027.
  • Allows scale/labeling stations to run without continuous network connectivity, minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput
  • Reduces labeling errors on the plant floor
  • Allows plants to create, manage, and customize customer-, product-, and batch-specific labels, which are updated on the stations in real-time
  • Gives management an accurate view of plant-floor activity, including real-time production progress, yields, and giveaway
  • Seamlessly integrates with CAT Squared production modules and existing ERP systems


  • Enables the ability to print labels with 2D barcodes that encode dynamic information such as pack date, expiration date, lot number, etc.
  • Features a user-friendly touchscreen with programmable hotkeys for fast product selection
  • Facilitates box-end, consumer unit, batch, and weigh-price labeling
  • Facilitates static or in-motion labeling
  • Includes multi-label and auto-palletizing options
  • Offers full RFID support