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Overhead Sizing Integration

Yield-Management Solution for Poultry Processors


Overhead-Sizing Yield-Management Software for Poultry Processing

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Overhead Sizing Integration

CAT Squared’s Overhead Sizing application integrates with existing sizing and distribution systems to collect counts, weights, and grades of birds entering and exiting chillers; the module also captures pick-up percent and yields in the production process.

The application works in conjunction with Live Bird Weighing and Live Bird Receiving to track birds in real-time from receipt through the chiller and to trace birds from the chiller back to the farm, flock, and load. The data and yield calculations from these modules are combined to provide a comprehensive real-time view of primary processing performance.

By integrating overhead sizing data with CAT Squared's applications, plants gain an accurate, real-time view of production yields, traceability data, and dynamic grading and sorting. This integration helps plants maximize profits with minimal impact on existing procedures.



  • Seamlessly integrates with Live Bird Weighing and Live Bird Receiving to provide complete traceability through primary processing
  • Tracks detailed bird information by line and by individual drop, automatically separating birds by grade and weight
  • Allows plant personnel to manage the process using real-time feedback regarding yield loss/gain
  • Works in conjunction with other CAT Squared modules to provide a comprehensive view of primary processing performance



  • Captures water pickup percent for birds exiting the chiller
  • Includes real-time reporting for primary processing yields