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Factory Analytics

Part of a Modular OEE Solution for Food Processors with ERP Integration


OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness Manufacturing Software

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Factory Analytics

CAT Squared’s Factory Analytics application allows manufacturers to collect and visualize data to accurately track, monitor, and analyze OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by leveraging IIoT-enabled devices.

Actual plant performance indicators show any deviation from the set target, or benchmark, compared with the planned production time. The OEE-module calculates the overall OEE percent based on measured quality levels, registered availability, and indicated process performance factors. Comprehensive dashboards show actual status and benchmark figures, clearly indicating the most effective ways to reduce cost and increase profits.


  • Increases production performance using real-time machine and shop-floor information
  • Reduces the need for rework by identifying areas of quality loss
  • Gives insight into metrics for identifying losses, benchmarking progress, and improving equipment productivity


  • Captures downtime automatically from sensors and probes or manually via a tablet device
  • Monitors machine utilization, downtime, and cycle-time in real-time
  • Provides downtime reporting by category and description
  • Identifies areas of performance loss (i.e. machine wear, substandard materials, misfeeds, jams, etc.)
  • Employs customizable data visualizations
  • Features a desktop and tablet friendly design that can be used in the office or on the plant floor
  • Uses a platform-agnostic, web-based graphical user interface