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IBM Food Trust Integration

Blockchain-enabled traceability for the meat value chain



Let us connect you to Food Trust

Blockchain-enabled Traceability

CAT Squared is the first manufacturing execution system (MES) provider in the food industry to become an onboarding partner for IBM Food TrustTM, a blockchain-enabled global network of food chain participants that securely connects supply chain data across the ecosystem with trust and transparency. 

CAT Squared's Cynergy platform collects processing data from the plant floor including critical tracking events, quality incidents, product attributes, compliance documentation, and supplier data. Our customers can choose to contribute any of this data to Food Trust via API (Application Programming Interface) to achieve end-to-end traceability of their supply chains.


  • Eliminates bottlenecks to optimize the supply chain
  • Enhances brand trust by building a reputation for safety, quality, and transparency
  • Ensures safety and regulatory compliance
  • Monitors data related to a brand's sustainability goals
  • Improves freshness tracking to better determine a product's remaining shelf life
  • Reduces the risk of food fraud
  • Reduces food waste


  • Monitors location and temperature ensuring the cold chain has not been broken
  • Eases data sharing between supply chain partners reducing friction in transaction processes
  • Identifies supply chain trends with statistical process control
  • Includes full, instant traceability information for a comprehensive recall